British Party Girls Strip Topless

It’s another British Girls Gone Bad event in Ayia Napa, you never know what to expect with these, it all depends on which girls are in the club and if they are up for it.  It’s mostly British girls on their holidays, while away from home they have a tenancy to do things they would risk doing back home, especially when their friends are pushing them on.  It all starts off on the dance floor, then come some sexy and daring games, and next we’ll see if the girls are willing to show some skin, you never do know if they’ll get their boobs out or maybe even pull their panties down.  Below you’ll find screenshots from the video, the full video is uncut and uncensored in HD, a total gem to add to your collection.  The video is available in the official website, to head there now just click on any of the images below.  If you do sign up you’ll be encouraging them to run more of these events and get many more real girls to get their kit off while on vacation.  That means more top notch entertainment for us all.
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